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Hibiki High School is  quite unique in many ways. Unlike the typical Japanese high school, we do not have divisions of grades, and learning does not follow a set curriculum. Instead, we have a credit-based system in which our students can choose their own, individual course of study; a system found in only one other school in Fukuoka Prefecture. Additionally, thanks to the freedom of being able to go to school in their own time, many of our students are able to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

With 130 subjects to choose from, Hibiki High School students are able to select both compulsory and elective subjects, and create custom timetables. In addition to these subjects, students can take courses at universities and vocational schools, the credits from which are added to their overall credits. Upon completion of the required number of credits for their chosen course of study, students are eligible for graduation.


Classes are held Monday - Friday, and courses are divided into three sections: 1st (morning), 2nd (afternoon), and 3rd (night). Our classes are 90 minutes long. Students choose their section upon enrollment; changes thereafter are forbidden. 50% of students’ classes must come from their section, and students must attend homeroom classes within their section each week.



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Tel:093-881-2355  Fax:093-881-5172
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